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Solidarity Statements

Statement of Solidarity from Greece to the People of India

Let us express our solidarity to the people’s revolutionary movement of India

Lately, large military and police forces of the Indian state, supported by para-military organizations, have conducted a murderous military offensive to crush the resistance of the poor native peasants who defend their land and wish to live in their homeland under humane conditions.

The Communist Party of India (Maoist), which supports and participates in this revolutionary struggle of the masses, is under fierce attack by the forces of the Indian reactionaries. As a result, in the beginning of July, the forces of the Indian reactionaries murdered in cold blood a party leader and an independent journalist, thus outraging the left and democratic people not only in India, but all over the world.

A few days before this event, the Communist Party of Greece(marxist-leninist), CPG(m-l), took the initiative to call a meeting of parties and organizations of the left, which concluded in a joint statement of condemnation of the murderous military operation of the Indian state and solidarity to the people’s revolutionary movement. The statement was published in newspapers of the left and also in one of the biggest daily newspapers in Greece.

The meeting decided to protest outside the Indian Embassy in Athens, which was held on July 6th. The murder of the Indian revolutionary and the journalist was already known when the protest took place. CPG(m-l) had a banner with their names and the slogan “honor and glory to the Indian revolutionaries”.

These are the slogans of the protesters:

- Victory to the struggle of the Indian people

- The military offensive of the army and the police murders militants and peasants

- The land belongs to those who work it, not to the multi-nationals that loot it

- In India the militants, the poor peasants and the communists are slaughtered

- Hands-off the Indian peasants, hands-off the Indian guerillas

- Peoples are victorious with weapons in their hands

- Solidarity to the Indian people

- Those who now murder will confront the peoples’ struggle

The revolutionary struggle of the Indian people can and must find support and solidarity all over the world. It is an armed revolutionary struggle that the more it strengthens the more will become a reference to revolutionary forces in every country, which will feel it as their own struggle.

Revolutionary forces should lead the creation of a broad movement of solidarity and support for this great struggle of the Indian people.

Solidarity is the weapon of the people

August 2010

Communist Party of Greece(marxist-leninist)