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Condemn strongly the illegal act of executing Mohd. Afzal Guru!


Condemn and expose the violation of all procedures and law! Stand for our Right to Protest and Freedom of Expression!

The illegal execution of Mohd. Afzal Guru has shocked the conscience of all the progressive, democratic people of the subcontinent. By now it is evident for every discerning mind that the claims of the central home minister and home secretary about procedures being followed before the execution have proven to be white lies. None of his family members were aware of this decision of the Government of India.

It is mandatory on the side of the government to inform the petitioners who had filed the clemency petition. Afzal’s wife Tabassum had filed a clemency petition demanding justice for her husband who never throughout the trial got an opportunity to defend himself and demand justice. She had in that petition even traced his early days in Kashmir and how he was continually being harassed and tortured by the notorious STF of J&K. She showed in that petition how the ordeal has still been continuing in the life of her husband and their family in their quest for justice. The fact remains that neither Tabassum nor any of her family members have been informed about the rejection of this petition.The much publicised letter send to the family by the jail authorities turned out to be a cruel joke.

It is absolutely necessary that once a clemency petition is rejected the petitioner should be informed so that s/he can take recourse to other provisions that are guaranteed by the judiciary of India. There are provisions for judicial review which are quite exhaustive. This is evident in the petition moved by Prof. Devinder Pal Singh Bhullar in the Supreme Court, which is being heard, regarding the inordinate delay in the execution of death sentence. Similarly the accused in the Rajiv Gandhi case also have moved the Supreme Court regarding the inordinate delay in the execution of death sentence for more than two years. There are case laws in the apex court wherein pronounced delay in the execution of death sentence is in itself grounds for converting the same into life. That the Government of India under the Congress government has even subverted the Supreme Court in clandestinely executing the death sentence bemoans the real, fascist nature of this government which has scant regards for its own judiciary and law.

But the brazen manner in which the Home Minister talked about the need to have secret executions so as to deny such crucial provisions and procedures in saving a life—especially in the case of Mohd. Afzal Guru—betrayed all the pretensions of the largest democracy as is claimed about India. The glorification of such secret executions as the only way to fight what is claimed to be ‘terrorism’ forecloses all possibilities of checks and balances that are vital and central to the propagation of civility, accountability and compassion in the institutions that are the pillars of a democratic country. While cold calculations of electoral politics have made the Congress and BJP use Afzal Guru and his execution a political ploy to whip up jingoism in their favour the demand of his family to at least return his body—which is there in the jail manual—has also been finally rejected as the convenient logic is that ‘law and order’ will be affected in Jammu $ Kashmir. Yes being a Kashmiri itself has become a ‘law and order’ problem for the Indian state!  

As more and more legal luminaries, civil libertarians, human rights groups and various sections of the freedom loving people of the subcontinent and the world have unequivocally condemned this dastardly act of illegal execution of Mohd. Afzal Guru the Government of India has let loose the police and paramilitary hand in glove with the Hindu communal fascist gangs to gag on the widespread indignation pouring out from the masses of the people in the subcontinent. Cases are being slapped one after the other on the protesting people while the ruffians of the Hindu communal fascist gangs are left scot free to beat up protesters, harass women—pulling their Hijab or threatening to rape them.       

After having alienated the masses of the people and even the middle class through their anti-people, pro-market policies resulting in widespread miseries for the working people the ruling class parties have lost their face and credibility and hence this desperate, brazen display of competitive jingoism on the life of someone who from the day one had never a chance to defend himself properly. Against the clandestine execution of the death sentence of Mr. Afzal Guru violating all procedures and the law, against the desperate attempts of the ruling class parties like Congress and the BJP to stoke the frenzy of jingoism, for the right to freedom of expression and association of the protesting people we invite all freedom loving people to join a protest dharna at Jantar Mantar on 4 March 2013 from 2 PM onwards.



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