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Maoists give 4 stars to 'Chakravyuh'

Jaideep Deogharia, TNN | Nov 11, 2012

RANCHI: Real life Rajan and Juhi have given the thumbs up to Prakash Jha for zooming in on their cause for the big screen and putting it in the right perspective in the film, "Chakravyuh". Though it could be a coincidence but the Maoist group operative in west Champaran district in Bihar, which is the native of Jha, the producer-director of the film, has a senior leader by the name of Rajan and also a woman cadre named Juhi as has been shown in the film.

The Madhya Zonal Committee spokesperson of the CPI Maoists, Paramjeet, who has expressed gratitude for the film has, however, pointed out a few facts which are not in consonance with "their world". Madhya Zonal Committee is operative in Bihar and covers Baraharwa village in Bettiah, the home town of Jha.

Prakash Jha has denied basing his characters on real life. "I had no idea about the cadres having same names though the theme of the film is close to reality," he said.

Maoists have given full credit to the film for being close to reality. Jha on his turn has said it was possible because of intense research in finalizing the script, costumes and the plot.

Watching the movie for the Maoists was not an easy task.

Unlike usual cinema buffs who can buy tickets and watch a film in an air-conditioned theatre, they had to procure a CD from the market (probably a pirated one) and get it converted into an mp4 version before transferring it into the memory chip of a mobile phone. It was on Thursday that the arrangements were complete and the "guerrillas" sat down to watch the film. "We watched the film in groups of three or four," said Paramjeet.

They have liked the song, "Mehangai" but have objections to certain scenes. "The way cadres have been shown greeting lal salam to each other is not real because there is a particular style of handshake before we greet lal salam," said Paramjeet.

He also pointed that in one of the scenes Juhi ( Anjali Patil) is shown abusing a cadre for acting as a police informer. "Using filthy language and slangs are prohibited in the party. We follow that in practical life," he said.

The Maoists also dissented over the scene in which Kabir ( Abhay Deol) was thrashed by the squad members immediately after reading a newspaper report in which he was shown as a friend of the local SP. "In a similar situation we would immediately call a meeting of the leaders and squad members and give a chance to the accused to place his arguments before subjecting him to torture and thrashing. Decisions are taken unanimously by the group even if pointed out by any individual," said Paramjeet.

Based on reviews they have been reading in newspapers, the Maoists decided to give the film four stars. "We are not film critics but since Chakravyuh is about our life and battle, we must say that it stands out among all films made till date about the Maoist movement," said Paramjeet.