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Solidarity Statements

ATIK: Petition to Condemn the Attacks on Arundhati Roy

As the Confederation of the Workers from Turkey in Europe (ATIK) we condemn and oppose the attempt of the Chattisgargh government to prosecute Arundhati Roy for an article that she wrote about the Maoists. 

A country that prides itself as the "biggest democracy in the world" is attempting to choke and oppress the dissenting voices in India. This shows that 'real' democracy is not actually practiced in the daily life in India. 

Arundhati Roy is a well known progressive writer and journalist.

She spent some time with the Maoists in the Dantewada district and wrote an article "Walking With the Comrades." For this the DGP Chattisgargh wants her to be booked under the Chattisgargh special Public Security Act.

With this petition we oppose this repressive measure of the Chattisgargh Government and demand an immediate end to the persecution of Arundhati Roy. Freedom of Press is an international fundamental right.

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