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The Convention on Asom's Right to Self-determination

Assam Student & Youth Organisation (ASYO) is going to organize a Convention to deliberate on the theme of 'Right to Full-Phased Decentralized Self-Determination of Power' on 9th November, 2010 at Guwahati, Assam. We are honoured to invite you as a speaker for this Convention. It is worthwhile to mention here that ASYO has been taking firm steps on various issues related to its main demand, viz., the right to full-phased decentralized self-determination of power from the very moment of its foundation.

About ASYO: Assam Student & Youth Organization, in brief ASYO, is a mass organization of students and youth of Assam. It was formed on 29th Sept., 2002 at Guwahati in the presence of student and youth delegates from about fifteen districts of Assam. ASYO is now active in seven districts and has primary structures in other six districts. ASYO holds that the development of nationalities is a historical process of assimilation and unification. The indigenous ethnic communities and the working people who have contributed to the socio-economic development of Assam, have adopted Assamese culture and language, and consider themselves to be responsible to the people of Assam are the legal owners of the land and its resources. They collectively form the Assamese nation. ASYO believes that for the overall and all-encompassing development of the nation on the basis of equal rights and dignity for all, the presently established static system has to be changed. For this, the right to a full-phased decentralized self-determination of power is a must. While talking of a full-phased decentralization of power, we mean all the powers vested on the present state, i.e., political, administrative, and economic. Right to secede and right to recall the peoples' elected representatives have to be inalienable principles in this system. ASYO aims to achieve this objective by organizing the students, youths and the society in general through struggles for a neo-democratic movement outside the Indian parliamentary system.

Philosophy: ASYO considers Historical and Dialectical Materialism to be its guiding philosophy.

About the Convention: Assam has a long history of self-determination movement from the time it lost its independence, and was annexed to British India through the Treaty of Yandaboo in 1826, in which no representative of Assam was a party. Imperialist and neo-colonial relations penetrate all the contradictions in the Assam society today, and their interconnections must be understood in order to comprehend the dynamics of this process. The latest phase of Globalisation has ensured that the global market is dominated by the neo-imperialist powers, who impose their economic and political hegemony over the oppressed people of the world. Indian state has become ever more centralized under the diktats of the imperial powers. In the present political and economic system, the people of Assam too have lost their political, economic and social rights, so much so that the wheels of progress and development for the people have ceased to exist. The real development of the Assamese nationality as well as other nationalities and communities of Assam is not possible under the centralized government.

Assam is witness to various movements for self-determination in the present times. If the movements are not unified by putting into practice the neo-democratic principles, then they may not be able to fulfill the aspirations of the people. We believe that a public debate on these questions at this juncture is highly significant. Hopefully, this Convention will be one concrete step in this direction.


We are hopeful that you will strengthen and encourage our struggle through your presence in the Convention.

Date of the Convention : 10.30 am, 9 November, 2010

Venue : Pragjyoti Auditorium, Machkhuwa, Guwahati


G N Saibaba, Revolutionary Democratic Front(RDF)

S A R Geelani, Committee for the Release of Political Prisoners

Malem Ningthouja, Campaign for Peace & Democracy (Manipur)

And Others



Sincerely yours',


Bipul Boibhov Baruah

Gen. Secy., ASYO

E-mail asyo2002@gmail.com

Ph. 09435428926