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Call for London protest against Operation Green Hunt

Where: Protest Rally outside Indian High Commission Office (Aldwych, Holborn, London WC2B 4NA)

When: Sunday 15th August 2010, 11:00am - 1:00pm.

Do you know?
  • According to the Indian government, they have deployed 150,000 troops in India's central and eastern states. Independent witnesses say the numbers are closer to 250,000. This is more than the number of US troops in Afghanistan. This is war on the Indian people.
  • Recent statistics show 37% of the country's people suffer from chronic malnutrition and 50% are undernourished.
  • A nearly third of India is under army occupation with no democratic freedoms? All over India arrests, detentions, disappearances have increased to alarming levels since the people began resisting the corporate take over of India?
  • On July 1, the Indian Maoist revolutionary Azad, a Polit Bureau member of the Communist Party of India (Maoist) and the spokesperson of its Central Committee along with a Delhi-based journalist Hem Chandra Pandey were killed by the Andhra state police.
  • During the last few days at least 29 innocent Kashmiris have been killed.
  • India has sent one of its ex-ambassador to Nepal to influence the election of the Prime Minister there.
  • We support the following demand of the CONCERNED CITIZENS & FORUM AGAINST WAR ON PEOPLE, DELHI, INDIA:

"While condemning in the strongest possible words the killings of Azad and Hem Chandra Pandey, we demand that the government constitute an immediate judicial enquiry to probe into the incident. We also demand an immediate stop to all extra-judicial execution of revolutionaries as well as activists and leaders of people's movements. The government must respect the constitutionally guaranteed fundamental rights of the people to life and dignity. The gagging of the media and stifling of media freedom must be stopped by the government. We demand an end to the Indian government's war on people in the name of Operation Green Hunt, and the immediate withdrawal of its armed forces from the areas of conflict. The government must scrap all the MoUs signed with the multinational and Indian corporations for the exploitation of mineral resources at the expense of people's lives and livelihood. The Indian government must also politically address the demands of the struggling people of Kashmir and the North East through dialogue, and must stop the brutal repression of their voices through state repression. "



Representing Indian Workers Association (GB)

Progressive Nepalese Society UK

Britain-South Asia Solidarity Forum

and many other organisations and trade unionists.