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March 5th Press Invitation : Interaction with Media on Green Hunt

Today the Central and Eastern regions of India are witnessing the largest police/paramilitary deployment unprecedented in the history of independent India or even in the days preceding it. All independent sources acknowledge the deployment of around 250,000 paramilitary/police armed to the teeth in these regions while the government comes out with a conservative estimate of around 150,000. This military build up is a calculated assault on the poorest of the poor of the peoples in these regions-the tribals.

The ostensible intent behind this heavy paramilitary build up-with Indian military experts providing the technical expertise under the watchful eye of ‘experts' from US and Israel-is to ‘secure' the area from the hold of CPI (Maoist) and then usher in development and civil administration, as time and again claimed by the Home Minister, P Chidambaram in the media. The real intent of this war is to facilitate the unbridled loot and plunder of the rich resources-forest wealth, minerals, water etc-through the MoUs signed with the domestic corporates and multinationals.

Starting from the month of September till date the mounting information of growing instances of killings, disappearances and atrocities on the tribals are slowly trickling out in a situation where none are allowed access to these areas enforced by the lawless paramilitary and other vigilante gangs let loose by the government. In the meantime while building up the concentration of the paramilitary in these areas the home minister suddenly denied the occurrence of any such thing as ‘Operation Green Hunt'-as it is commonly called-and simultaneously asserted his government's readiness for talks if the Maoists "abjure violence". The recent offer of the CPI (Maoist) for a 72-day ceasefire provided the government do observe the same and also its call for talks has opened up a new dimension.

In this context when the large sections of the media is oblivious or is prevailed upon by the official propaganda of a war which it is fighting for development, prosperity and peace it is important to bring the perspective from the margins of a continuing sordid tale of destruction, destitution, displacement and death. Please join the PRESS CONFERENCE to be addressed by Ms. Arundhati Roy, writer, Kabir Suman, well-known Singer and Member of Parliament and other civil rights and people's movement activists at the FCC on 5 March 2010, Friday, at 3 pm dot. Kindly send your reporter and camera person.

A Power-point presentation and a short film by Gopal Menon on Operation Green Hunt or Government of India's military offensive of its own people will be shown.

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